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We are a Skateboarding and Surfing company established in 2011 in Michigan. We pride ourselves on the creation of great products, great service and also being a world class brand. Skating and Surfing is our way of life! Giving back is also a big part of who we are too. We were founded with the promise to always donate 10% of our profits annually to various charities, foundations, food banks, after-school programs, and other various causes. There are so many issues in our world and we believe that we can do our part as a business to help create a better future for all of us. Our mission is to create a brand that encompasses the ever growing Skateboarding and Surfing culture, while being active leaders in communities around the globe.

Our company motto: “You can follow the trend, or be the trend to follow™”. We live this motto everyday!

This company was created with the sole intent on being different in every way. From the way we create our products to our way of business. Each product we make goes through a rigorous process of testing to make sure that we offer only the best! We feel very strongly about using American made components to make our American Made products! We believe in pride, and that is what Six Starz™ is all about. We want you to feel pride owning our products, because we stand behind everything we do 100%! You can also feel proud to know that part of your purchase goes towards making someone else’s life a whole lot better! That’s the Six Starz™ way and promise!

Locations we’ve shipped our products to:

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